How Do Bail Bonds Work? – Madison County Library

It is up to them to appear in an in-court hearing and are able to see a judge, the judge will decide if they did something wrong and then what happens next.

There are times when the prisoner can’t stay in the jail for that long of duration. They must get out of jail so they can return home to wait for the date of their court appearance.

That’s where bail bonds come into. The bail bond acts as an express promise someone promises to the judge. The bail bond promises to provide money to the court to secure the release of the prisoner.

However, there’s a catch. The person who made the promises of the funds must also pay the additional amount if the prisoner doesn’t return before the court in order to defend the charges.

Imagine that your friend’s family wants to get him out of prison. They can go to bail bonds firms for assistance.

If the bail bond firm cannot locate the defendant on time then the bail bond business will reimburse the court. In exchange, your friend’s parents will pay the bail bond firm a lesser amount. The person will be freed from the jail and then be able to return to his home in anticipation of the court date.


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